Posted by: lifesimpressions | December 1, 2009

Kissing Banned in Warrington Bank Quay Station

No Kissing

At a British train station, a sign board is up, having the “no kissing” sign to stop lovers going full steam ahead with their over-amorous farewells.

Commuters have been told: if you want to get up to that kind of business, do it in the car park.

The sign starts at the drop-off point at Warrington Bank Quay station in the town of Warrington, between Liverpool and Manchester in northwest England.

A similar sign, this time permitting kissing, has been erected elsewhere in a zone where smooching is considered tolerable. ‘We have not banned kissing in the station,’ said a spokesman for operators Virgin Rail.

‘But we have put the sign up at the drop-off point because it is not a very big area and it often gets busy with lots of traffic. The sign is a light-hearted way of getting people to move on quickly. If people wish to spend a little more time with their loved ones before they leave, then they should park in the short-stay car park nearby.’

The busy station links the town to major cities London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester

Somehow I doubt that a little kiss is whats causing all this traffic. I can understand the long kisses causing issues but whats wrong with just a little peck? Also in case you didn’t notice, there is no punishment as far as I can tell and I looked all over the place. Any comments?



  1. ahahahaha how sad. I bed everyone wants to kiss goodbye to their love ones but not in the British train station;)

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