Posted by: lifesimpressions | December 1, 2009

Pop Quizzes

Speech I made for school.

Pop quizzes are the weapon of choice for evil teachers, unnecessary, and unhealthy for students.

They are the result of a cruel, heartless teachers who do not, no matter how often they voice it, care about their students. The truth is, these teachers want nothing more than the simple pleasure of watching their students whimper and suffer for a while. They get a kick out of sucking all the fun that they can out of their poor and helpless victims and watching some girls cry. They claim that students should already know this information. If the students knew it, they wouldn’t need to be quizzed over it. They also claim that students need quizzes in order to make sure that they are doing the homework and learning the material. If they were really good teachers, we wouldn’t need the quizzes now would we? They wouldn’t need to test our knowledge because they are so good at teaching that that’s already taken care of!

Pop quizzes are extremely unnecessary and should be banned from the world, or at least Logos. If the teachers really cared about their students they would tell their students in advance that they are going to give a quiz, that way the students will actually take some time and study the material necessary for the quiz, This actually implants it into their memory where they will be able to recall it for that rare occasion in real life when they actually use something they learned in school.

Pop quizzes freak students out, give them a minor panic attack (unless they have photographic memories or do nothing but study sit in their seats, smile smugly and listen to everyone else complain and whine), and ruin their GPA with a bad quiz grade. The student starts sweating and doing some quick studying before the teacher hands the quiz out, and starts having shortness of breath which causes a lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in brain damage. After the quiz is over the student is soaking in sweat and is now extremely worried about the grade. This will carry out through the rest of the day, distracting the student from their work and causing their grades to drop in other subjects resulting in doom.

They also lower self esteem. If the quiz is to hard, the student will think he or she is retarded and isn’t smart enough to stay in school…. so they end up dropping out in high school, ruining their life forever. So by giving a pop quiz, a teacher is saying that they want you to drop out, meaning they don’t want you here, which probably means they don’t like you. Which is why my history class has so many quizzes. No joke.

So for the good of all students, and the world in general, those evil, unnecessary, unhealthy pop quizzes should be banned from schools.


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