Posted by: lifesimpressions | December 4, 2009

How Fat Are You?

You have to have guts — or no gut whatsoever — to step on the new Withering Wi-Fi Scale.
Because once you do, everyone who follows you on Twitter will know how fat you are, how much you’ve gained since the last time on the scale, and how far you are from your dream weight.

This might be the ultimately dieting device for people who need the threat of public humiliation to get serious about eating right.

The scale also uploads info to your computer and iPhone, and allows you to chart and graph the fluctuations of your weight.

You can even view your body weight in a pie chart, to make up for all the pie you won’t be eating.



  1. I have the guts, just not the balls. do people actually put it all out there? More power to them.

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