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Why Gaming is Bad

Major speech I had to give. I chose this topic.

Some teens admit to playing games for up to 20 hours in one stretch – so are these games bad for you or are they just harmless diversions from reality? These games can be used for stress relief and just entertainment but that doesn’t make games healthy for teens. It can cause addiction which is not healthy. Gaming is disillusioning, distracting, unhealthy and dangerous. Many people disagree but it has been shown that kids that play violent games end up having violent lives. Another thing that video games can do to teens is distract them from there school work. For those who are confused, yes, being distracted from your school work is a bad thing. Gaming is also very unhealthy for teens. Gaming causes sleeping disorders, eating disorders and social disorders, but then again so does homework.


Gaming is very disillusioning. It gives teens a false impression that they have actually accomplished something even though its completely useless in real life, like homework. For one thing it can make kids feel almost as if they are invincible. Or at least that if they die, its not permanent. This could lead to some very stupid things. Another thing is they start to believe that these games are real. Imagine a generation of teens that believe that witches, dragons, goblins, and elves exists and that LOL is a real word. These games rob teens of real life experiences such as riding bikes, hanging out with friends, or seeing real people, like homework. With no real life experiences, teens will have no memories to look back on in their reclining years when they are too old to even turn on a computer or any other game console.


Gaming is also very distracting, keeping teens from doing their homework. Of course some teens say homework is keeping them from their games. Either way they end up failing at school. Gaming also keeps teens from participating in sports which causes them to fail at life. If they don’t do their homework or study, they fail their tests, bomb their quizzes, flunk 3rd grade for the 8th time and end up flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s for the rest of their life. These kids have no social life. They may think they do but they don’t. That really hot, blonde 17 year old girl that they think they’re dating online? Its probably a 40 year old man or a group of really bored 14 year old boys. If teens are too busy gaming then they can’t enjoy real things in life such as reading a book or visiting family, but then again homework prevents these things too.


Teens who play violent games, as most games are, tend to be violent in real life. Studies have shown that kids that play M rated games are more likely to become delinquents that kids that haven’t. This is a serious issue. These games, much like homework, are causing teens to do violent actions such as throw pine cones at cars, hit siblings, throw rocks at joggers, and bite their mothers. They could even get so frustrated with their games, or homework, that they could kick a hole in their bedroom wall! I may or may not have done that. If a teenager isn’t doing his or her homework because they are too busy gaming, they will end up failing school, not getting a good job, a good house or a Porsche.


Gaming is unhealthy for teens as well. It causes teens to eat poorly, resulting in fat build ups, to not exercise right, resulting in fat teens, and sleep poorly, resulting in brain damage, like pop quizzes. It robs teens of their spare time to do other things that are healthy, much like what homework does. Unlike homework though, games allows you to escape into a fantasy world where all physical laws are changed and gives you a false delusion on the world, like weed, which is illegal… hm… Also teens develop physical conditions due to gaming. Many gamers develop eye problems due to staring at a screen, or tiny print in textbooks, all day. Some other conditions would include seizures, arthritis and carpal tunnel which are caused due to much typing while playing games, or doing homework.


But there is a solution! Games, like homework, can be okay for teens… in moderation. Many, many people think that 40 hours of gaming a week is too much. So if one was to limit teens gaming times to say an hour a day, and homework maybe 15 minutes, a teen can be a healthier, nicer and generally more happier person.


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What Not to Do on a First Date

Story I wrote for no reason at all.

Okay let’s say a guy name James has asked out a girl named Sarah. For the sake of this story she says yes and they have decided to go see the movie Knowing. Now James and Sarah are going to meet at the movies at 7:30 P.M. At 7:15 James is frantically looking around his room for his favorite pair of boxers, hasn’t showered yet and is going to be late for the movies. THIS IS WRONG. Guys are always supposed to be on time if not early to every date. Girls are always late. That’s okay girls are allowed to be late! Guys are not. To get there on time, James decides to just put on some deodorant and skip the shower. This is stupid. Girls like clean men and always, always and I mean always know when a guy isn’t clean. Not like its hard not to. If you don’t take a shower YOU STINK. Get this into your head, no shower = no second date.

So James gets there about a minute late and buys the tickets. Yes, the tickets. The guy always gets his ticket and the girl’s ticket. It’s the law. So, thankfully Sarah is late because she couldn’t decide what to wear. She finally arrives 5 minutes and 32 seconds later wearing a downright ugly shirt. She walks up to James and says “I was in a hurry and just grabbed this shirt. You don’t think it makes me look fat do you?”

Now there are many answers to this question. Does James lie and say no. Or does he say “It’s too ugly for me to rate.” Perhaps James just says yes. Another possibility would be “No, your fat makes you look fat”. There are so many choices for James to choose from. The best one would be “Baby there is no way you could ever be fat. You are too gorgeous for God to let that happen.” But it’s a first date so just stick with “Of course not” and make sure you say it as if it’s impossible for anybody to even think such a thing. So James says “Of course not” which makes Sarah smile.

Now James offers to buy her something from the concessions. By asking this, James has given Sarah the impression that he has money to spare and doesn’t mind spending it on her. Sarah declines the offer to get something and they move on to the theater.

Once they are inside James lets Sarah choose the seat. The guy always, always, always lets the girl walk up the aisle first and choose the seat. No matter what she picks the guy must agree with her. If she chooses a spot where only one person can sit then you might have a problem. So now they are seated and the movie plays. During the movie James reaches over and grabs Sarah’s hand. She allows him to hold it which is a very good sign. Seeing as this is a first date James doesn’t try anything else. Remember guys, always take the first date slow and don’t try anything.

Okay so when the movie ends James and Sarah are completely horrified at how the Knowing ends. In case you haven’t watched this movie, the world blows up in the end and everybody dies. Talk about ridding the world of evil.

So after the movie James walks Sarah back to her car. During the walk James start a conversation with Sarah about how awful the movie was. Sarah replies with her thoughts on the movie with luckily are the same as James and they spend the rest of the walk dissing the movie. Without any problems James succeeds in walking Sarah to her car where he opens the door for her, like the gentleman he is, and says his goodbyes to Sarah. Sarah gets in her car and leaves.

The fact that she didn’t floor it and leave skid marks getting away from James as fast as possible was a very good sign leaving a grin on James face as he walked to his car.

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Pop Quizzes

Speech I made for school.

Pop quizzes are the weapon of choice for evil teachers, unnecessary, and unhealthy for students.

They are the result of a cruel, heartless teachers who do not, no matter how often they voice it, care about their students. The truth is, these teachers want nothing more than the simple pleasure of watching their students whimper and suffer for a while. They get a kick out of sucking all the fun that they can out of their poor and helpless victims and watching some girls cry. They claim that students should already know this information. If the students knew it, they wouldn’t need to be quizzed over it. They also claim that students need quizzes in order to make sure that they are doing the homework and learning the material. If they were really good teachers, we wouldn’t need the quizzes now would we? They wouldn’t need to test our knowledge because they are so good at teaching that that’s already taken care of!

Pop quizzes are extremely unnecessary and should be banned from the world, or at least Logos. If the teachers really cared about their students they would tell their students in advance that they are going to give a quiz, that way the students will actually take some time and study the material necessary for the quiz, This actually implants it into their memory where they will be able to recall it for that rare occasion in real life when they actually use something they learned in school.

Pop quizzes freak students out, give them a minor panic attack (unless they have photographic memories or do nothing but study sit in their seats, smile smugly and listen to everyone else complain and whine), and ruin their GPA with a bad quiz grade. The student starts sweating and doing some quick studying before the teacher hands the quiz out, and starts having shortness of breath which causes a lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in brain damage. After the quiz is over the student is soaking in sweat and is now extremely worried about the grade. This will carry out through the rest of the day, distracting the student from their work and causing their grades to drop in other subjects resulting in doom.

They also lower self esteem. If the quiz is to hard, the student will think he or she is retarded and isn’t smart enough to stay in school…. so they end up dropping out in high school, ruining their life forever. So by giving a pop quiz, a teacher is saying that they want you to drop out, meaning they don’t want you here, which probably means they don’t like you. Which is why my history class has so many quizzes. No joke.

So for the good of all students, and the world in general, those evil, unnecessary, unhealthy pop quizzes should be banned from schools.

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